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eCargo 3.3 Economy

eCargo 3.3 Economy
eCargo 3.3 Economy
eCargo 3.3 Economy
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Hydraulic braking system

safety reliability

Hydraulic disc brakes offer better safety because the braking force is hardly influenced by weather conditions.

The fluid reservoirs automatically adjust the pressure as the pads wear, so the braking experience never changes.


comfort reliability

Equipped with BAFANG canbus electrical cable system to assure seamless communication between all electrical elements for a problem free ride every day!


connected reliability electric

The Shimano 7 sp derrieur internal speed hub provides you with 7 different pedal settings.

If you have headwind or going down hill, you will certainly find the right gear setting for a nice ride! Since all is build inside the rear axle, you will hardly face problems and minimal maintenance.

Value for Money

This is the economic proposition with all the safety in place but equipped with standard battery, gear and motor.

Made by BIMAS

100% Dutch design

The geometry of this bike is well thought by experienced bike fitters. To ensure optimal positioning the angles of all tubes is set for average western Europe length. By doing this you sit straight upward and be able to easily look around your for other traffic, quite nice in the busy city-centers!

Bafang - DP C10
Bafang - 250 Wh Rear wheel motor
13 Ah Accu Samsung cells (468 Wh)
Hydraulic Disc Brakes (ISO 4210)
Bafang - 250 Wh Rear Wheel Motor

For those who appreciate value for money

The BIMAS eCARGO 3.3 Economy is the ideal electric cargo bike for your valuable ‘freight’. Whether it concerns the groceries, the children or your pet; with this cargo bike you can safely take them from A to B. Because of the reinforced frame construction with high grade aluminum rear frame, disc brakes and the unique design, you can also do this comfortably and space-saving. A space-saving cargo bike? Yes, the eCARGO is easy to park inside, because the cargo bike with a width of 81 cm can go through most conventional doors. In addition, the cargo bike is also easy to park on the nose! This way it takes up less space.

The inside of the box is screwless. No bolts, no wire ends that could damage clothing and thus prevent children from getting hurt. The box also contains seat belts. The cargo bike has a step on the right side, so that children can get in and out easily and safely from the sidewalk. A canopy is available for the eCargo series, this tent is easy to mount on the existing frame. This keeps everything in the box dry. Other available accessories for this eCARGO are: pads, door set, and complete rain cover.

With the Shimano 7 derailleur gear and Bafang 250W rear wheel motor with rotation sensor, the BIMAS eCARGO Economy ensures that you purchase a reliable cargo bike for an interesting purchase price. The cargo bike has a reinforced connection of front and rear frame, for long and safe riding pleasure. Finally, the eCARGO series has hydraulic disc brakes (according to ISO 4210) all round and a double parking brake.

The BIMAS eCARGO 3.3 ECONOMY is standard equipped with a 13Ah BIMAS battery pack (468W). The bicycle has an external charging connector, so the battery does not have to be removed from the cargo bike to charge it. At BIMAS you get a high quality cargo bike with excellent service. Your new eCargo 3.3 Economy will be professionally assembled and ready for use.

Frame Material Rear - Aluminium / Front - Steel
Color British Racing Green
Wheel size Rear - 26" inch / Front - 24" inch
Motor Bafang - 250 Wh Rear Wheel Motor
Battery 13 Ah Accu Samsung Cells (468 Wh)
Display Bafang - DP C10 Mid display
Sensor Bafang - Rotation sensor
Speeds Shimano Nexus 7 with gear sensor
Front Brake Hydraulic Disc Brakes (ISO 4210)
Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc Brakes (ISO 4210)
Lock AXA Solid+ (ART II quality mark)
Warranty 2 Years
CE Certification EN 15194:2017 certification

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