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We are BIMAS,
Bike Masters.

We ride to explore. 

Established in 1996, our mission is to design and produce bikes that bring real value to our lives. 

We focus our sensitive craftsmanship and skillset on functional and innovative riding ideas.
Smart little details.

Once you go BIMAS, you won’t go back.
So let yourself fall in love with the most comfortable, safe, and joyful ride.

That’s why our guarantee is: Love at First Ride.

Checkout at First Ride Love at First Ride

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Super fast service and n great electric cargo bike! Gives good support and easily reaches 25 km/h and that for 50 km!

Review eCargo 3.3
Review eCargo 3.3 Bron: Google Reviews

Lovely smooth bike with good support. Bike shifts very easily. Display is easy to operate and very visible. Good suspension.



Review eCity 7.3
Review eCity 7.3 Bron:

The bike has a nice design and special colour blue! Nice entry and good distance between saddle and handlebars. For a three-wheel cargo bike, the frame is pleasantly stiff. The cargo box is spacious enough for 4 little ones, or two older children. They feel safe in it, helped by the easy-to-use seatbelts. The brakes are excellent. The cargo bike has a good turning radius.

Review eCargo 3.3
Review eCargo 3.3 Bron:

Great solid good working folding bike. Firm seat, comfortable. Lies firmly on the road. Is well supported.



Review eFolding 7.5
Review eFolding 7.5 Bron:

Simple bike but effective, nice grips, front suspension makes it comfortable, Clear display and nice that it sits in the middle.


Review eCity 7.1
Review eCity 7.1 Bron:

I had a comfortable ride on this bike. because of the front suspension and the grips that allow your hands to rest comfortably. The chain is nicely worked away by means of a chaincase and the display is clear and in a nice place.

Review eCity 7.1
Review eCity 7.1 Bron:
B2B Platform – B2B Platform

B2B Platform

In our dealer platform, our partners can easily handle orders of wholesale quantities. If you are a bike dealer go ahead and register on our dedicated B2B portal.

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Ride Along.

We are proud to be Bike Masters. Why? Because we transform freedom and movement into a top-notch product. Fully inspired by innovation, Dutch design, quality, and value from our craftsman heritage.

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